• Graphic Designer, Loner, & Weirdo

    But I'm pretty cool once you get to know me, I swear.
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About me

I thoroughly enjoy calligraphy and doodling on paper or my iPad. For practice and just a bit more challenge, I mostly do ambigrams. I also design logos, website graphics, as well as business cards and other printed materials. Next on my bucket list is font design.

I like black and white and minimalist designs. I like Post-its, pens, and markers. I enjoy color-coding stuff and marking my calendar. I'm addicted to Spotify. I love karaoke, chocolate, coffee, beer, wine, muscle cars, boots, dogs, horses, the color brown. Oh, and Celine Dion.

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  • Website Design

    Websites are my digital canvas. It's where I get to see logos, colors, images, and text working together and falling into place.
    I get really excited doing this as only a geek can. I work with a team of equally pathetic geeks who eat code for breakfast. We can build your portfolio, directory, or e-commerce website.

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  • Ambigram

    “n. A design that may be read as the same word, name or phrase (or sometimes two different words, names or phrases) when oriented in two different ways, usually when reflected along a vertical or horizontal axis or when rotated through 180 degrees.” – http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ambigram
    My school books and notebooks were always bedazzled with funky doodles and calligraphy. Looks like they were put to good use after all!

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  • Logo Design

    Among the different areas of graphic design, they say that logo design is one of the most difficult to master.
    It’s quite true, as it’s not easy to capture the essence of a brand or organization and turn it into one iconic image.
    But as I go about taking design courses and getting comfortable with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I find myself learning and applying new technique in this area than any other area of graphic design.

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  • Image Editing

    Some people do yoga, some go for walks, and some go malling. I Photoshop.
    I find it amusing, even therapeutic. Sometimes I end up with really good ones, too. My favorite subjects, obviously, are my family and friends.
    If you want a photo sporting the Batmobile or sunbathing with Kim Kardashian, let me know.

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